Year Description
2018 Biondo MV (2018) Importation of marine ornamental fishes to Switzerland. Global Ecology and Conservation 15: 1-10
2017 Biondo MV (2017) Quantifying the trade in marine ornamental fishes into Switzerland and an estimation of imports from the European Union. Global Ecology and Conservation 11: 95-105
1998 Biondo M (1998) Intraspezifische Aggression, Populations- und Nahrungsökologie der Dohle Corvus monedula in Murten, Kanton Freiburg. Ornithologischer Beobachter 95: 203-220

In my studies I am engrossed in trade-related issues that affect the conservation of species. I focus on the trade of marine ornamental fishes, i. e. coral fishes, for the aquarium industry in Switzerland and the European region. I am also working on the trade and conservation status of the banggai cardinalfish, Pterapogon kauderni, a small marine ornamental fish endemic to a small region in the Banggai archipelago off the coast of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Furthermore, I have done research of the implication of the aquarium trade as a vector for the spread of the invasive round goby, Neogobius melanostomus, in Switzerland for the University of Basel.

Year Description
Since 2015 PhD student
Since 2013 research of the Swiss trade in marine ornamental fishes for the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office of Switzerland.
- Worked and still working mainly on marine issues: conservation and environmental education (NGO).
Since 1995 leading marine biology courses and working on different marine issues.
Until 1996 research assistant at the University of Berne.
1995 Master of Science under supervision of Professor Dr. U. Glutz von Blotzheim, University of Berne, Switzerland. Tertiary teacher’s degree.
1989 - 1995 studies in biology, zoology, University of Berne, Switzerland.