Publication list 1988

Journal articles
Mansour F, Nentwig W (1988) Effects of agrochemical residues on four spider taxa: Laboratory methods for pesticide tests with web-building spiders. Phytoparasitica 16: 317-326 pdf
Meier P, Suter E, Zettel J (1988) Cold hardiness strategies of two subalpine springtails. Cryo-letters 9: 436  
Nentwig W (1988) Augmentation of beneficial arthropods by strip-management. 1. Succession of predacious arthropods and long-term change in the ratio of phytophagous and predacious arthropods in a meadow. Oecologia 76: 597-606 pdf
Nentwig W, Rogg H (1988) The cross stabilimentum of Argiope spiders (Araneae: Araneidae) - nonfunctional or a nonspecific stress reaction? Zool Anz 221: 248-266