Publication list 2010

Journal articles
Althaus S, Jacob A, Graber W, Hofer D, Nentwig W, Kropf C (2010) A double role of sperm in scorpions: The mating plug of Euscorpius italicus (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) consists of sperm. Journal of Morphology 271: 383-393 pdf
Anjum-Zubair M, Schmidt-Entling MH, Querner P, Frank T (2010) Influence of within-field position and adjoining habitat typeon carabid beetle assemblages in winter wheat. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12: 301-306 pdf
Bailey D, Schmidt-Entling MH, Eberhart P, Herrmann JD, Hofer G, Kormann U, Herzog F (2010) Effects of habitat amountand isolation on biodiversity in fragmented traditional orchards. Journal of Applied Ecology 47 : 1003-1013 pdf
Batary P, Baldi A, Sarospataki M, Kohler F, Verhulst J, Knop E, Herzog F, Kleijn D (2010) Effect of conservation management on bees and insect-pollinated grassland plant communities in three European countries. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 136: 35-39 pdf
Baumann T, Kämpfer U, Schürch S, Schaller J, Largiadèr C, Nentwig W, Kuhn-Nentwig L  (2010) Ctenidins: antimicrobial glycine-rich peptides from the hemocytes of the spider Cupiennius salei. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 67: 2787-2798 pdf
Baumann T, Kuhn-Nentwig L, Largiadèr C, Nentwig W  (2010) Expression of defensins in non-infected araneomorph spiders. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 67: 2643-2651 pdf
Brechbühl R, Kropf C, Bacher S (2010) Impact of flower-dwelling crab spiders on plant-pollinator mutualisms. Basic and Applied Ecology 11: 76-82 pdf
Brügger A, Nentwig W, Airoldi J-P  (2010) The burrow system of the common vole (M. arvalis) in Switzerland.  Mammalia 74: 311-315 pdf
Bruggisser O, Schmidt-Entling MH, Bacher S (2010) Effects of vineyard management on biodiversity at three trophic levels. Biological Conservation 143: 1521-1528 pdf
Bucher R, Herrmann JD, Schüepp C, Herzog F, Entling MH (2010) Arthropod colonisation of trees in fragmented landscapes depends on speciestraits. Open Ecology Journal 3 : 111-117 pdf
Elmiger R, Ramseier M, Nentwig W, Airoldi J-P (2010) Population ecology of small rodents in sown wild flower areas in Western Switzerland. Rev. Ecol. (Terre Vie) 65: 163-177 pdf
Entling W, Schmidt-Entling MH, Bacher S, Brandl R, Nentwig W (2010) Body size-climate relationships of European spiders. Journal of Biogeography 37: 477-485 pdf
Essl F, Dullinger S, Rabitsch W, Hulme P.E, Hülber K, Jarosik V, Kleinbauer I, Krausmann F, Kühn I, Nentwig W, Vilà M, Genovesik F, Gherardi F, Desprez-Loustaum M-L, Roques A, Pysek P (2010) Socioeconomic legacy yields an invasion debt. PNAS Early Edition pdf
Frick H, Nentwig W, Kropf C (2010) Progress in erigonine spider phylogeny - the Savignia-group is not monophyletic (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Org Divers Evol 10: 297-310 pdf
Hermann JD, Bailey D, Hofer G, Herzog F, Schmidt-Entling MH (2010) Spiders associated with the meadow and tree canopies of orchards respond differently tohabitat fragmentation. Landscape Ecology 25: 1375-1384 pdf
Hönemann L, Nentwig W (2010) Does feeding on Bt-maize affect the slug Arion vulgaris (Mollusca: Arionidae)? Biocontrol Science and Technology 20: 13-18 pdf
Klopfstein S, Kropf C, Quicke D.L.J (2010) An evaluation of phylogenetic informativeness profiles and the molecular phylogeny of Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Systematic Biology 59(2): 226-241 pdf
Klopfstein S, Quicke D.L.J, Kropf C (2010) The evolution of antennal courtship in diplazontine parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Diplazontinae). BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 218 (pp. 1-12) pdf
Knecht S, Nentwig S (2010) Effect of Bt maize on the reproduction and development of saprophagous Diptera over multiple generations. Basic and Applied Ecology 11: 346-353 pdf
Knecht S, Romeis J, Malone LA, Candolfi MP, Garcia-Alonso M, Habustova O, Huesing JE, Kiss J, Nentwig W, Pons X, Rauschen S, Szenasi A, Bigler F (2010) A faunistic database as a tool for identification and selection of potential non-target arthropod species for regulatory risk assessment of GM maize. IOBC/wprs Bulletin  52: 65-69 pdf
Kumschick S, Nentwig W (2010) Some alien birds have as severe an impact as the most effectual alien mammals in Europe. Biological Conservation (143: 2757-2762) pdf
Luethi M, Nentwig W, Airoldi J-P (2010) Nutritional ecology of Microtus arvalis (Pallas, 1779) in sown wild flower fields and quasi-natural habitats. Revue suisse de zoologie 117: 811-828 pdf
Menzel F, Pokorny T, Blüthgen N, Schmitt T  (2010) Trail-sharing among tropical ants: interspecific use of trail pheromones? Ecological Entomology  35: 495-403 pdf
Menzel F, Woywod M, Blüthgen N, Schmitt T  (2010) Behavioural and chemical mechanisms behind a Mediterranean ant-ant association.  Ecological Entomology 1365-2311 pdf
Mühlner S, Kormann U, Schmidt-Entling MH, Herzog F, Bailey D (2010) Structural versus functional habitatconnectivity measures to explain bird diversity in fragmented orchards. Journal of Landscape Ecology 3: 52-63 pdf
Opatovsky I, Plüss T, Schmidt-Entling MH, Gavish-Regev E, Lubin Y (2010) Are spider assemblages in fragmented, semi-desert habitat affected by increasing cover of agricultural crops? Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment  135: 233-237 pdf
Peter M, Lindfeld A, Nentwig W (2010) Does GM wheat affect saprophagous Diptera species (Drosophilidae, Phoridae)? Pedobiologia pdf
Phillips M.L, Murray B.R, Pysek P, Pergl J, Jarosik V, Chytry M, Kühn I (2010) Plant species of the Central European flora as aliens in Australia. Preslia 82: 465-482 pdf
Pluess T, Opatovsky I, Gavish-Regev E, Lubin Y, Schmidt-Entling MH (2010) Non-crop habitats in the landscapeenhance spider diversity in wheat fields of a desert agroecosystem. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 137: 68-74 pdf
Pysek P, Bacher S, Chytry M, Jarosik V, Wild J, Celesti-Grapow L, Gasso N, Kenis M, Lambdon PW, Nentwig W, Pergl J, Roques A, Sadlo J, Solarz W, Vila M, Hulme PE (2010) Contrasting patterns in the invasions of European terrestrial and freshwater habitats by alien plants, insects and vertebrates. Global Ecology and Biogeography pdf
Pysek P, Jarosik V, Hulme P.E, Kühn I, Wild J, Arianoutsou M, Bacher S,Chiron F, Didziulis V, Essl F, Genovesi P, Gherardi F, Hejda M, Kark S, Lambdon P.W, Desprez-Loustau M-L, Nentwig W, Pergl J, Poboljsaj K, Rabitsch W, Roques A, Roy D.B, Shirley S, Solarz W, Vila M, Winter M (2010) Disentangling the role of environmental and human pressures on biological invasions across Europe. PNAS 107: 12157-12162 pdf
Steiner S, Kropf C, Graber, W, Nentwig W, Klopfstein S (2010) Antennal courtship and functional morphology of tyloids in the parasitoid wasp Syrphoctonus tarsatorius (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Diplazontinae). Arthropod Structure and Development 39: 33-40 pdf
Winter M, Kühn I, La Sorte FA, Schweiger O, Nentwig W, Klotz S (2010) The role of non-native plants and vertebrates in defining patterns of compositional dissimilarity within and across continents. Global Ecol Biogeogr pdf
Zurbrügg C, Hönemann L, Meissle M, Romeis J, Nentwig W (2010) Decomposition dynamics and structural plant components of genetically modified Bt maize leaves do not differ from leaves of conventional hybrids. Transgenic Res 19: 257-267 pdf
Nentwig W (2010) Invasive Arten. UTB-Taschenbuch, Haupt, Bern
Nentwig W, Entling M, Kropf C (Eds.) (2010) European Arachnology 2008. Proceedings of the 24th European Congress of Arachnology. Contributions to Natural History, Special Volume 1: 1-176
Book chapters
Baur B, Nentwig W (2010) Wandel der Biodiversität in der Schweiz seit 1900. Ist die Talsohle erreicht? In: Invasive Arten. Edited by: Lachat T, Pauli D, Gonseth Y, Klaus G, Scheidegger C, Vittoz P, Walter T. 324-348 Haupt, Bern pdf
Hulme PE, Nentwig W, Pysek P Vila M (2010) DAISIE: Delivering alien invasive species inventories for Europe. In: ALARM Atlas of Biodiversity Risk (ed. Settele et al.), Pensoft, Sofia, 134-135  
Hulme PE, Nentwig W, Pysek P Vila M (2010) How to deal with invasive species? A proposal for Europe. In: ALARM Atlas of Biodiversity Risk (ed. Settele et al.), Pensoft, Sofia, 165-166  
Hulme PE, Vila M, Nentwig W, Pysek P  (2010) Are the aliens taking over? Invasive species an d their increasing impact on biodiversity. In: ALARM Atlas of Biodiversity Risk (ed. Settele et al.), Pensoft, Sofia, 132-133  
Kottler C, Revol V, Kaufmann R, Urban C, Knop K, Sennhauser U, Jerjen I, Lüthi T, Cardot F, Niedermann P, Morel J-P, Maake C, Walt H, Knop E, Blanc N (2010) Phase sensitive X-ray imaging: towards its interdisciplinary applications. In: International Conference on Advanced Phase Measurement Methods in Optics and Imaging. Edited by: P.K. Rastogi and E. Hack. 213-218 American Institute of Physics pdf
Nentwig W, Josefsson M  (2010) Introduction. In: Alien terrestrial arthropods of Europe. Edited by: Roques A, Kenis M, Lees D, Lopez-Vaamonde C, Rabitsch W Rasplus J-Y, Roy DB. BioRisks, Special issue 4: 5-9 Pensoft Publishers, Sofia pdf
Nentwig W, Kobelt M  (2010) Spiders (Araneae).  In: Alien terrestrial arthropods of Europe.  Edited by: Roques A, Kenis M, Lees D, Lopez-Vaamonde C, Rabitsch W Rasplus J-Y, Roy DB. BioRisks, Special issue 4: 131-147 Pensoft Publishers, Sofia pdf
Solarz W, Krol W, Bacher S, Nentwig W, Sol D (2010) Terrestrial alien vertebrates in Europe. In: ALARM Atlas of Biodiversity Risk (ed. Settele et al.), Pensoft, Sofia, 152-153  
Zettel J  (2010) Springtails and Silverfishes (Apterygota). In: Alien terrestrial arthropods of Europe.  Edited by: Roques A, Kenis M, Lees D, Lopez-Vaamonde C, Rabitsch W, Rasplus J-Y, Roy DB. BioRisk Special issue 4: 851-854 Pensoft, Sofia pdf