Publication list 2011

Journal articles
Bigler I, Nentwig W, Lindfeld A  (2011) Food preference in the woodlouse Porcellio scaber (Isopoda) ina choice test with fungicidal GM wheat.  Journal of Applied Entomology 136: 51-59 pdf
Bucher R, Entling M.H (2011) Contrasting effects of habitat fragmentation, population density, and prey availability on body condition of two orb-weaving spiders. Ecological Entomology 36: 680-685 pdf
Duc C, Nentwig W, Lindfeld A (2011) No adverse effect of genetically modified antifungal wheat on decomposition dynamics and the soil fauna community - a field study. Plos One 6: e25014 pdf
Entling MH, Stämpfli K, Ovaskainen O  (2011) Increased propensity for aerial dispersal in disturbed habitats due to intraspecific variation and species turnover. Oikos 120: 1099-1109 pdf
Essl F, Dullinger S, Rabitsch W, Hulme P, Hülber K, Jarosík V, Kleinbauer I, Krausmann F, Kühn I, Nentwig W, Vilà M, Genovesi P, Gherardi F, Desprez-Loustau M-L, Roques A, Pysek P (2011) Response to Keller and Springborn: No doubt about invasion debt. PNAS 108: E221 pdf
Foetzki A, Winzeler M, Boller T, Felber F, Gruissem W, Keel C, Keller B, Mascher F, Maurhofer M, Nentwig W, Romeis J, Sautter C, Schmid B, Bigler F (2011) Freilandversuche mit gentechnisch verändertem Weizen mit Mehltauresistenz. Agrarforschung Schweiz 2 (10): 446-453 pdf
Fuelling O, Walther B, Nentwig W, Airoldi J-P (2011) Barriers, traps and predators - an integrated approach to avoid vole damage. In: Timm RM, Fagerstone KA (eds) Proceedings of the 24th Vertebrate Pest Conference, University of California, Davis, 222-227 pdf
Klopfstein S, Quicke DLJ, Kropf C, Frick H  (2011) Molecular and morphological phylogeny of Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Zoologica Scripta 40: 379-402 pdf
Knop E, Herzog F, Schmid B (2011) Effect of connectivity between restoration meadows on invertebrates with contrasting dispersal abilities. Restoration Ecology 19: 151-159 pdf
Kropf C, Bauer D, Schläppi T, Jacob A  (2011) An organic coating keeps orb-weaving spiders (Araneae, Araneoidea, Araneidae) from sticking to their own capture threads. J Zool Syst Evol Res pdf
Kuhn-Nentwig L, Largiadèr CR, Streitberger K, Chandru S, Bauman T, Kämpfer U, Schaller J, Schürch S, Nentwig W  (2011) Purification, cDNA 1 structure and biological significance of a single insulin-like growth factor-binding domain protein (SIBD-1) identified in the hemocytes of the spider Cupiennius salei. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 41: 891-901 pdf
Kuhn-Nentwig L, Stöcklin R, Nentwig W (2011) Venom composition and strategies in spiders: is everything possible? Advances in Insect Physiology. Academic Press 40: 1-86 pdf
Kuhn-Nentwig L, Willems J, Seebeck T, Shalaby T, Kaiser M, Nentwig W (2011) Cupiennin 1a exhibits a remarkably broad, non-stereospecific cytolytic activity on bacteria, protozoan parasites, insects, and human cancer cells. Amino Acids 40: 69-76 pdf
Kumschick S, Alba C, Hufbauer RA, Nentwig W  (2011) Weak or strong invaders? A comparison of impact between the native and invaded ranges of mammals and birds alien to Europe. Diversity and Distributions 17: 663-672 pdf
Kumschick S, Fronzek S, Entling M.H, Nentwig W (2011) Rapid spread of the wasp spider Argiope bruennichi across Europe: a consequence of climate change? Climate Change 109: 319-329 pdf
Kumschick S, Nentwig W (2011) Response to Strubbe et al. (2011): Impact scoring of invasive birds is justified. Biol Cons 144: 2747 pdf
Lang C, Menzel F (2011) Lasius niger ants discriminate aphids based on their cuticular hydrocarbons. Animal Behaviour 82: 1245-1254 pdf
Lindfeld A, Lang C, Knop E, Nentwig W (2011) Hard to digest or a piece of cake? Does GM wheat affect survival and reproduction of Enchytraeus albidus (Annelida: Enchytraeidae)? Applied Soil Ecology 47: 51-58. pdf
Menzel F, Staab M, Chung A.Y.C, Gebauer G, Blüthgen N (2011) Trophic ecology of parabiotic ants: Do the partners have similar food niches? Austral Ecology pdf
Müller E, Jud P, Nentwig W (2011) Artificial infection of Cirsium arvense with the rust pathogen Puccinia punctiformis by imitation of natural spore transfer by the weevil Ceratapion onopordi. Weed Research 51: 209-213 pdf
Müller E, Nentwig W (2011) How to find a needle in a haystack - host plant finding of the weevil Ceratapion onopordi. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 139: 68-74 pdf
Müller E, Nentwig W (2011) Plant pathogens as biocontrol agents of Cirsium arvense - an overestimated approach? NeoBiota 11: 1-24 pdf
Nentwig W, Blick T, Gloor D, Hänggi A, Kropf C (2011) araneae: Spinnen Europas - Spiders of Europe: Arachnol Mitt 41: 40 pdf
Pergl J, Müllerová J, Perglová I, Herben T, Pysek P (2011) The role of long-distance seed dispersal in the local population dynamics of an invasive plant species. Diversity and Distributions 17: 725-738 pdf
Pysek P, Hulme P, Nentwig W, Vila M (2011) DAISIE Project. In: Simberloff D, Rejmánek M (eds) Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 138-142 pdf
Ryser S, Rindlisbacher N, Grüebler M.U, Knop E (2011) Differential survival rates in a declining and an invasive farmland gastropod species. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 144: 302-307 pdf
Sanders D, Entling MH  (2011) Large variation of suction sampling efficiency depending on arthropod groups, species traits and habitat properties. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 138: 234-243 pdf
Schüepp C, Herrmann JD, Herzog F, Schmidt-Entling MH  (2011) Differential effects of habitat isolation and landscape composition on wasps, bees, and their enemies. Oecologia 165: 713-721 pdf
Simberloff D et al. (2011) Correspondence: Non-natives: 141 scientists object. Nature 475 (36) pdf
Stutz S, Entling MH  (2011) Effects of the landscape context on aphid-ant-predator interactions on cherry trees. Biological Control 57: 37-43 pdf
Nentwig W (2011) Unheimliche Eroberer. Invasive Pflanzen und Tiere in Europa.  Haupt, Bern
Nentwig W, Bacher S, Brandl R  (2011) Ökologie kompakt. 3. Auflage, Spektrum, Heidelberg
Book chapters
Baur B, Nentwig W (2011) Espèces invasives. In: Lachat T et al. (eds.) Evolution de la biodiversité en Suisse: Haupt, Bern 323-346 pdf