Publication list 2012

Journal articles
Baehr B, Harvey MS, Burger M, Thoma M  (2012) The new Australasian goblin spider genus Prethopalpus (Araneae, Oonopidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 369: 1-113  
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Eckerstorfer M, Benedict M, Franz G, Gaugitsch H, Greiter A, Heissenberger A, Knols B, Kumschick S, Nentwig W, Rabitsch W  (2012) Defining environmental risk assessment criteria for GM insects to be placed on the EU market. IOBC/wprs Bulletin 73: 45-50 pdf
Eichenberger B, Kranz-Baltensperger Y, Ott R, Graber W, Nentwig W, Kropf C (2012) Morphology of new Indian/Indonesian Gamasomorpha and Xestaspis species (Araneae: Oonopidae). Zootaxa 3160: 1-68 pdf
Entling MH, Schweiger O, Bacher S, Espadaler X, Hickler T, Kumschick S, Woodcock BA, Nentwig W (2012) Species richness-environment relationships of European arthropods at two spatial grains: habitats and countries. PLoS ONE 7(9): e45875 pdf
Frank T, Aeschbacher S, Zaller J.G. (2012) Habitat age affects beetle diversity in wildflower areas. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 152: 21-26 pdf
Herrmann JD, Kormann U, Schüepp C, Stocker Y, Herzog F, Entling MH (2012) Effects of habitat isolation and predation pressure on an arboreal food-web. Community Ecology 13: 82-87 pdf
Katsanis A, Babendreier D, Nentwig W, Kenis M (2012) ) Intraguild predation between the invasive ladybird Harmonia axyridis and non-target European coccinellid species. BioControl DOI 10.1007/s10526-012-9470-2 pdf
Knop E, Reusser N (2012) Jack-of-all-trades: Phenotypic plasticity facilitates the invasion of an alien slug. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279 4668-4676 pdf
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Lindfeld A, Nentwig W (2012) Genetically engineered antifungal wheat has no detrimental effects onthe key soil species Lumbricus terrestris.  The Open Ecology Journal 5: 45-52 pdf
Nentwig W (2012) The species referred to as Eurypelma californicum (Theraphosidae) in more than 100 publications is likely to be Aphonopelma hentzi. Journal of Arachnology 40: 128-130 pdf
Nentwig W (2012) Highest degrees of host specificity even in the inundative biocontrol approach.Response to Cripps et al.  NeoBiota 13 : 41-42 pdf
Platner C, Pinol J, Sanders D, Espadaler X (2012) Trophic diversity in a Mediterranean food web. Stable isotope analysis ofan ant community of an organic citrus grove. Basic and Applied Ecology 13: 587-596 pdf
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Reichenbach F, Baur H, Neubert E (2012) Sexual dimorphism in shells of Cochlostoma septemspirale (Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoroidea, Diplommatinidae, Cochlostomatinae). ZooKeys 208: 1-16 pdf
Sanders D, van Veen F (2012) Indirect commensalism promotes persistence of secondary consumer species. Biol. Lett. pdf
Schüepp C, Olmi M (2012) Catalogue of the Dryinidae and Sclerogibbidae (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea) of Belize, with description of two new species. Zootaxa 3346: 51-63 pdf
Schüepp C, Rittiner S, Entling MH  (2012) High bee and wasp diversity in a heterogeneoustropical farming system compared to protected forest. PLoS One 7(12): e52109 pdf
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Trachsel C, Widmer C, Kämpfer U, Bühr C, Baumann T, Kuhn-Nentwig L, Schürch S, Schaller J & Baumann U (2012) Structural and biochemical characterization of native and recombinant single insulin-like growth factor-binding domain protein (SIBD-1) from the Central American hunting spider Cupiennius salei (Ctenidae).  Proteins 80: 2323-2329  
Tschopp A, Kropf C, Nentwig W, Klopfstein S (2012) Choosy polyphagous parasitoids: On the host preferences of Ichneumon albiger and Ichneumon extensorius (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae). Mitt. Schweiz. Entomol. Ges. 85: 167-176 pdf
Wilmsmeier L, Neubert E (2012) On the inner morphology of pomatiid opercula ? hidden structures. Arch Molluskenkunde 141: 233-249 pdf