Publication list 2013

Journal articles
Blattmann T, Boch S, Türke M, Knop E (2013) Gastropod seed dispersal: an invasive slug destroys far more seeds in its gut than native gastropods. PLOS ONE 8: 1-6 pdf
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Nentwig W, Gnädinger M, Fuchs J, Ceschi A (2013) A two year study of verified spider bites in Switzerland and a review of the European spider bite literature. Toxicon 73: 104-110 pdf
Nickel H, Callot H, Knop E, Kunz G, Schrameyer K, Sprick P, Turrini‐Biedermann T, Walter S (2013) Penestragania apicalis (Osborn & Ball, 1898), another invasive Nearctic leafhopper found in Europe (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae, Iassinae). Cicadina 13: 5-15 pdf
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Türke M, Blattmann T, Knop E, Kindermann A, Prestele J, Marquez L, Eisenhauer N, Fischer C (2013) Weeds and endangered herbs have unforeseen dispersal helpers in the agri-environment: gastropods and earthworms. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 1-4 pdf
van Veen F.J.F, Sanders D (2013) Herbivore identity mediates the strength of trophic cascades on individual plants. Ecosphere 4: 64, 1-12 pdf
Wolff JO, Nentwig W, Gorb SN (2013) The great silk alternative: multiple co-evolution of web loss and sticky hairs in spiders. PLOS one 8: e62682, 1-13 pdf
Nentwig W (ed) (2013) Spider ecophysiology. Springer, Heidelberg
Book chapters
Kuhn-Nentwig L, Nentwig W (2013) The immune system of spiders. In: Nentwig W (ed) Spider ecophysiology. Springer, Heidelberg pdf
Kuhn-Nentwig L, Nentwig W (2013) The cytotoxic mode of action of the venom of Cupiennius salei (Ctenidae). In: Nentwig W (ed) Spider ecophysiology. Springer, Heidelberg pdf
Nentwig W, Kuhn-Nentwig L (2013) Main components of spider venoms. In: Nentwig W (ed) Spider ecophysiology. Springer, Heidelberg pdf
Nentwig W, Kuhn-Nentwig L  (2013) Spider venoms potentially lethal to humans. In: Nentwig W (ed) Spider ecophysiology. Springer, Heidelberg pdf