BSc and MSc theses

BSc thesis in Community Ecology (10 ECTS)

A Bachelor thesis is usually a practical (field or lab) work, performed under the guidance of one of our supervisors (E. Knop, L. Kuhn-Nentwig, M. Menz, W. Nentwig). 10 ECTS correspond to a work load of about 300h = six to seven weeks if done as a block (including written thesis). Participation in our summer practical Community Ecology (7.5 ECTS) in May is a mandatory precondition for a BSc thesis, however, this practical and the BSc thesis can be performed independently. The Community Ecology practical has a registration deadline of 1. February and all registered students will be asked if they are interested to perform a BSc thesis in our division. Then, individual time schedules will be elaborated taking into account time constrains of the student and supervisor and the needs of the subject. If this work flow does not fit your expectations, please contact us.