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I am a plant ecologist with expertise in plant-soil, plant-plant and plant-insect interactions. During my Ph.D. research at the University of the Aegean (Greece) I investigated the functions and factors shaping plant species diversity in harsh (serpentine) environments and I focused on analyzing the ecological consequences of variability of plant functioning using functional traits. I also aim at understanding the mechanisms behind the processes of metal tolerance and hyperaccumulation in plants. During my previous postdoc positions I investigated: 1) the effect of insect pollination on the yield of oilseed rape crops, through changes in phenology and functional character of the crops (University of Calgary - Canada) and 2) the effect of prescribed fire on the host plants (Viola spp.) of a rare grassland butterfly, Speyeria idalia Idalia (Temple University - USA). In my current position at the University of Bern (Switzerland), I will take part in a series of ecological experiments with butterflies (Erebia spp., Araschnia levana). Under the lead of Dr. Andrea Grill, our team will investigate: 1) whether age difference between male and female butterflies is essential for mate choice,  2) the potential effect of paved roads on butterfly movement and the permeability of landscapes when species move to higher altitudes as a response to global warming, 3) the indirect effect of climate change on butterflies, through changes in the functional character of their host plants.