Year Description
2017 Trivellone V., Bougeard S., Giavi, S., Krebs P., Balseiro D., Dray S., Moretti M. Factors shaping community assemblages and species co-occurrence of different trophic levels. Ecol Evol. 2017;00:1–10.
2016 Giavi, S., Moretti, M., Bontadina, F., Zambelli, N., and Schaub, M.(2014). Seasonal survival probabilities suggest low migration mortality in migrating bats. PLoS ONE, 9(1):e85628.

In my PhD I investigate diurnal and nocturnal pollination processes and the effects of an important human induced disturbance: light pollution. With our research we want to get insights into nocturnal pollination patterns, nocturnal pollinators' behaviour and how those are affected by artificial light at night. Further, we investigate how artificial light at night affects indirectly though altered pollinator abundance the pollination success of plants.

Year Description
2016 - present
PhD student at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern. Supervisor: PD Dr. Eva Knop
2012 - 2015
Research fellow at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland
2010 - 2012
Master in Statistics, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2008 - 2010
Master in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
2005 - 2008
Bachelor in Science and Biology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland